Being grateful

Written on 14.May.2016

Do you know what „Being grateful“ really means?

Couple of days ago, when I traveled by bus I saw something that made me ponder. At the back there was a group of children with few grownups. There wouldn’t be anything special in that view but all the kids were with Down syndrome and that view started the series of thoughts in my head. And this is what I want to share with you.

At first I started to feel pity for those kids and in my imagination my own kids rose up as they are at the same age. They cannot enjoy the life like “normal” people do. They cannot use the benefits that today’s society gives us. And when something bad happens, like when they’ll get hurt, they are like babies who cannot understand why it hurts and that makes the situation even more painful because you will not know will this pain stay forever or will it go away.

This way by continuing my internal conversation I finally reach opposite side. Living like this can actually be a positive thing. You don’t have to face the daily problems because you are being cared for. There is no need to bother yourself with relationship and money issues, you don’t have to think what you have to do with your life, you are just being. You don’t have to worry on how to blend into the society and you don’t give a F what everyone else is thinking about you, because you might not know that you as entity even exists.  In short, you are free from all those negative emotions and choices that ordinary people are facing. It is maybe little bit impolite, but we can compare it with the life of pet. If the owner is good and caring, the life of pet will be joyful and happy. And like the famous quote says: “Ignorance is a bliss”

Going further with my inner discussion I started to think on those guides who took care of those children and I felt bity for them. They are spending all their life by taking care of others and they will not have any time for themselves. However if they do it as a job, they have chosen this life themselves. But what about parents, they don´t have that choice (However some say, your higher self always makes those decisions before you come to this earth).
Continuing to ponder, my thoughts went back to my own children and I was grateful that they are healthy and active. Even if they sometimes give me a headache by being too active and by being all over the place, I´m still thankful that they are happy, joyful and full of energy. After that I started to think, for what more I can be grateful and here is a little list.

I don´t have a beautiful house, I don’t even have my own apartment, I’m renting it, but I´m still grateful. I have a roof over my head and a warm bed where to sleep.
I don’t have new and fancy car, I have Škoda from 2001 which has one not working windshield wiper, broken tailgate and few more issues, but I’m grateful. I have a car which transports me and my kids if needed.
For two year I´m wearing almost the same clothes, few T-shirts and underwear excluded, but I´m grateful. I have clean and warm clothes that I can wear to travel around
My budget does not allow me to eat outside, but I´m grateful. I have food on my table so me and my kids will not feel hunger.
I don’t have a job that gives me the possibility to enjoy those previous luxuries, but I´m grateful. I have a job that I love and that alone is a luxury that few can have.
I’m grateful that I have supporting friends, training partners and students, who are helping me when needed.
I’m grateful for my spiritual teachers and for their teachings which will help me to be a better human being.
I´m grateful for the people who are giving me a joy and happy memories
I’m grateful for those who have hurt me, those moment have made me stronger and have given me very valuable lessons.
I´m grateful for a job that gives me a lot of free time to enjoy the life.
I´m grateful for everyday experiences, both positive and negative. Positive experiences will give me happy memories and negative experiences will make me stronger and better human being.
I´m grateful for being healthy so I can do the things I love.
I’m grateful for the sun, the rain and for all the miracles that nature has.

The list can go on and on but I will end it here with the last gratitude.
I´m grateful for being alive! All those emotions, experiences, joy and pain, they are all possible because I´m alive.

And I will end this long text with a short story that I saw some time ago. I cannot find it so I try to give an idea on what it was.

The guy with a Hummer sees a chopper flying by: “Wish I could have that, I could fly everywhere and could do it much faster.”
BMW owner sees the Hummer drive by: “So cool and big car, If I had that, there would be no more trouble to get everything on board and in the winter there will be no problem with heavy snow.”
The cyclist is passing by and BMW attracts his attention: “If I could only have that BMW, no rain will disturb me and I could get to my destination much faster.”
On the sidewalk a man is walking and he sees the bicycle “This cyclist is lucky, he has so beautiful and fancy bicycle. If I only could have that, I would drive around all day.”
Not too far is a young man with a wheelchair and he is thinking “I would give everything I have away if I could walk again.”

So everything depends on the viewpoint. We always want more and more. And actually it is our Ego who wants it more. Ego is never satisfied with what you already have. It always tries to find peace in new things and in bigger achievements. And it does find it but just for a moment after which it wants even more things and bigger achievements. It is already in its nature. But if you lose something, you start to think: “If only I could have it again, why I could not value it before.”

So you too take a little time to find out what are the things you can be grateful of.

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