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Written on 17.Sep.2016

Good day beautiful world 🙂

Come out from your head and start seeing the reality as it actually is and not they way your mind wants it to be.

Here is one good example what I mean by that.

Yesterday one company had some issues with their server. Like with any site or company, so nothing new and major.

A friend of mine who is part of that company and has already earned some decent profit, came to me and was worried that this might be the end of the company and he cannot earn more with it.

First: Nothing actually happened with the company, it was just a temporary server issue but his mind started to create things up. “What if this is the end”, “I cannot earn more money”, “I had high hopes for my future” and so on. In reality though nothing happened and all those thoughts were creation of the mind. The company’s site is back up and there was no any reason to worry.

Second: Why those thoughts came? His mind had already attached to the “future” which hasn’t yet happened. His mind was attached to the idea that now we are getting the money which will help us to improve our life quality. And when there was just a little sign that this might not happened, the mind started to create all sort of bad ideas and thoughts because it was losing the dream to which it has attached to.

Third: You cannot lose something which you haven’t got yet. The money which will be made in the future by using this program is not yet yours, this is just the dream in your head. So you cannot lose the money which you don’t have. You will only lose the dream which is in your head and has nothing to do with the reality itself.

So you see. All those bad thoughts which will create negative emotions which will make you feel bad and which again will create more bad thoughts (cycle with no end) are creation of your mind and they do not reflect the actual reality.
And this is why we suffer. Our mind creates a reality of its own and when the actual reality does not reflect the reality our mind has created, the suffering starts.

I hope you can understand why it is so important to work on YOURSELF and master your thoughts and mind.

Have a wonderful day enjoy the life like it is, not like you want it to be 🙂

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