You are a prisoner and a slave 1

Written on 06.aug.2016

You are a prisoner and a slave!

Let me tell you a little story and show you why I think that.

Imagine that you are walking on Times Square or any other equivalent place in your city/town which is fully crowded. It is beautiful sunny afternoon and you are wearing shorts. You are chatting with your friends when walking on the street. For some unknown reason the cord which holds the shorts up will break and without even noticing your shorts will drop and you fall to the ground. And unluckily you are not wearing underwear that day 😉
Friends who were with you are almost dying from laughter. Everyone around you are looking at you. Children are pointing fingers and older people will turn their faces off.
But what you do? You just stand up, smile, pull the shorts back up and keep walking like you have just picked up the candy paper. Your heart is beating the same like before, you are not covered with cold sweat, your hands are not shaking and 60 seconds later the incident has been forgotten.

The example is little extreme but the point remains. We depend too much what others think of us, how we dress, how we act, how we talk and with who we communicate. We hide behind our fake self and we are the slaves of our thoughts.

Coming back to our story. So what has really changed with this incident? Did we die, did we get sick? Of course not! But what has happened then? Only thing which changed is the opinion of people who you might never meet again and even if you do so what. Why you let someone’s thoughts, which are just ideas and have no connection with reality, to control your life? And I bet, after some time you will have good laugh with your friends if you remind the situation.

You are probably thinking, it’s not possible to achieve such control over your thoughts. I can assure you, it is possible and you can go even further. If you follow my blog and start doing what I do, the freedom is yours to take.

Don’t know where to start. Start with “100 days challenge” and we can move on from there.

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