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A Traveler wondered in the desert. He was exhausted and could barely stand on his feet, his clothes were tattered and in the head he had only one thought: “Water!” Suddenly, like a miracle, he saw a copper pitcher in the sand. Ancient pitcher had turned green in time. “Water!” […]

The traveler and a Genie

A Merchant was on his way through the desert with his caravan. In the desert they saw a man who has covered himself with the sand lying there. Merchant came down from camel, welcomed the man and asked him: „Why you are lying here on the sand?“ „I am very […]

Who has nothing, even the last is taken

A question was asked from a master: “Which is more important: Do be a good human or follow the right teaching?” The master replied: “When the wrong teaching is told by a good human, that teaching will become the right teaching. When the right teaching is told by bad human, […]

Wrong or Right

One religious man had non-religious son. For the father it was burdensome that he couldn’t bring his son to the fate. Feeling the death coming, he invited his son to him. “Son, promise me, you would fulfill my last wish.” “What is this wish, father?” “After my death come here […]

The Power of Silence

One treasure seeker read from old book that there is a huge treasure buried to certain place. He decided to seek out the treasure. He had searched for very long time with no success. One day when he started to dig again, golden shovel fell straight from the sky in […]

Golden Shovel

A wise man had a speech in front of a big audience. Between his speech, he told a joke and all were laughing like crazy. After a while he told the same joke again. Some of the audience smirked a little. And after some time he told the exact same […]

Crying and laughter

Master Lie-Zi was taking a walk with his students. While walking to the bridge to cross the river, they saw fishes jumping out of water during play. Master said: “Look how free and carefree the salmons are playing in the river! This is their joy.” “How do you know, master, […]

Salmons Joy

Written 22.Sep.2016 Why is it so hard to get things done? Why we have to push ourselves to leave the comfort zone? Because it is in our nature to do as less as possible to survive. I had this interesting thought or ahhaa moment today when I saw raindrops flowing […]

Why you are so lazy :)

Written on 17.Sep.2016 Good day beautiful world 🙂 Come out from your head and start seeing the reality as it actually is and not they way your mind wants it to be. Here is one good example what I mean by that. Yesterday one company had some issues with their server. […]

Detach from your dreams