20 Commandments

I have wrote down 20 rules which I try to follow every day. I´m reading them out loud every morning to reprogram my subconscious mind.

NB! There will be longer description for every point in the future

1. „I start every day with a clean sheet“

2. „I’m grateful of what I already have“

3. „I don’t seek for excuses to ‘not do’ something, instead
I find the reasons why ‘I should do’ something“

4. „I do something every day that takes me nearer to my goals“

5. „I find positivity in every situation“

6. „I do for others, things I wish others did for me. I do things from the heart and not expect anything in return“

7. „I respect others’ opinions and behaviours, even if they go against my ideas or expectations“

8. „I feel joy for others’ success and achievements; and praise them with words or in thought“

9. „When doing something, I’m not thinking what benefit I am getting, instead I’m focusing on the value I can give to others“

10. „I leave my comfort zone to seize opportunities that are presented to me“

11. „I focus only on positive things and will trust the Universe“

12. „I don’t worry over the things that I don’t have the ability to change at the moment“

13. „I face my fears to become stronger and more self-confident“

14. „I don’t expect others’ approval for my actions, I decide for myself if my intentions are good.

15. „I am completely independent to the good or bad opinions of others“

16. „I notice only the good and positive characteristics in other people“

17. “I take into account that we all understand things differently and don’t get upset if someone does not immediately understand what I´m talking about“

18. „I don’t consider myself to be better than others. “

19. „I´m living in the moment and enjoying all the daily tasks“

20.“I´m taking full responsibility of my life.”