Welcome to the site “Journey to Freedom”
I´m glad to see you here 🙂

What is this site about?

Freedom has a different meaning for everyone and everyone has their own barriers which are holding them back from their freedom.
So what is freedom and how to achieve it?
For a prisoner, it is obvious what is his freedom and what is holding him back from it. He only needs to get out of jail and he would be free.
But what is freedom for regular folks, like you and me? Freedom is something abstract and we usually say we are free when we can do the things we love when we can travel wherever we want or we can buy whatever we want. What is then holding us back from those things? Looks like money is the only thing we need to get our freedom. But is this actually the case? Are we really free if we have enough money?

Of course, money will open many doors for us. Money will give us the options which we normally would not have. However money will not give us the freedom and usually, people do not even realize it. No matter how much money we have, we are not free from emotional pain, fear, anxiety, loneliness, self-doubt, hate, anger, jealousy and the list can go on and on. Money will not free anyone from those negative emotions and those emotions are actually responsible for our freedom. We will never be totally free if those emotions are running our lives. Most people live their everyday life reacting unconsciously to all the shit that is happening in their lives which makes them feel miserable, angry, depressed etc. All those negative emotions and thoughts are also stopping you from achievinghand-in-hand your dreams and goals in life. So what to do?

I´m here to help you. I will help you to master your mind and thoughts so you could achieve anything in life. And I’m doing it by sharing my own story, my own journey to ultimate freedom. If nothing external can break your balance and disturb your mind, this is what I call freedom, the true and pure freedom. Grab my hand and walk side by side with me on the road which has no end. A road which leads to the Ultimate Freedom but where the journey is more important than the destination itself.


Watch this video to see what is actually possible when you put your time and work in self-development.
Thank you, Leo, for changing my life and sharing your amazing content for free.