Recyclix is a company which is engaged in waste recycling and more specifically company which turns plastic waste into plastic granules. The idea is very welcome in our current society and the company can have very bright future

Company and the opportunity

Recyclix is a Polish company which helps the environment by recycling plastic waste into plastic granules. The company provides an opportunity for regular folks like you and me by allowing people to earn residual income from recycling. I have a video which shows how all this works so I will make just a short explanation here.
Pildiotsingu recyclix tulemusThe process has two parts: waste to regrind and regrind to granules. First part will take 3 weeks and you will earn 6% profit from your initial purchase. Second part will take 2 weeks and the profit will be 8%. So all together, you will earn 14% profit after every 5 weeks. Which is not bad in my opinion. You can cash out or com
pound your earnings and the best part is, the compounding is done automatically if you set your settings that way. So the plan is simple: deposit, purchase waste and let the system to everything automatically, you just sit back and watch your account grow.
There is a catch though. After your waste has been turned to granules, you will get only 25% of the selling price, which is about 75% from the amount you spent to purchase waste. You have to complete few full cycles to sell the granules with the profit. Watch the video to know more about it.
PS They will give 20€ free to get to know the system and start recycling.
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  • According to their site there are many factories across the Europe and offices in multiple countries. There have been many “open door days” in their factories and many guys have made videos when they visited those factories. You can find those videos in YouTube. One example here
  • Also one of my online friends has visited Warsaw’s (Poland) office but because of the holiday, it was closed unfortunately. He just made a short video by standing next to office’s main door.
  • In November 2016 they have registered under European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), which makes Recyclix now registered trademark. This news is another very good proof of the liability of the company. Read the news here
  • 14% in 5 weeks is not much but comparing to other investing “real” companies, annual growth is quite big. Looks like we have found a very good opportunity and financial freedom is in our grasp but…..

And here is the “but”
There are so many signs which indicate that it can be very well planned Ponzi. There have been so many lies and so much secrecy surrounding Recyclix. Many statements have ended up being total lie, like the one where they stated they are cooperating with McDonalds. Photos in their news where just “photoshopped”. Also they are not giving any specific details about their factories and where they are getting their waste so people could check the actual facts. All this gives a big warning sign to us.

On the on hand Recyclix looks a legit and trustworthy company but on the other hand there is so much secrecy and lies around it.
My take on this is: Yes it might have been that Recyclix started as pure Ponzi  to raise the funds they needed to get started. When they had enough funds, they started to build the “real” company. Of course it is not the way to build your business by lying at first but if it plays out it is very good opportunity to take and all who have trusted Recyclix from the beginning will be rewarded for their trust. I have stated many times, until there is no proof from any of my good friends who have visited their factory or I have seen Recyclix in action myself, I´m not going to invest big money in this company. But lately as there are more and more proofs coming up, I start to believe Recyclix can be the company worth looking for. I´m still little skeptical about it and do not trust it fully but I´m going to increase my investment in Recylix in near future.

NB! Recyclix will close the doors for new registrations in autumn of 2017 and in autumn 2018 they will go over to completely new system. Read more here

!! Never invest more than you can afford to lose!

My numbers
Invested amount 20€ + 20€ free bonus
Withdrawn 67.95€
Net Balance 47.95€
Current account balance in Recyclix

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