My24h Income



My 24 Hour Income is so called revenue share (revshare in short) program. There are so many revshare programs out there and most of them will not survive even their first month so what makes My 24 Hour Income special and stand out from the rest.

Launch: August 20th 2016
Owner: Drew Burton
Earning potential: Up to 0,88% pure profit a day plus up to 12% referral commission
Payment processors: Payza, Payeer, Perfect Money & Bitcoin

What is a revshare?

First, if you are not familiar with the term of revshare, let me explain what it is. Revshare is a company, system or a program which shares its revenue with program users. The income in revshares comes mainly from the purchase of advertisement (usually called adpacks) which are sold on their site. All adpack owners can advertise their businesses on the site and they also get a revenue from the daily sales. Daily revenue which is paid out to adpack holders varies between companies. Mostly it is 1% to 4% daily. Of course there are programs with much higher daily return but they are not sustainable and will fall very fast.
Because the program makes the profit from adpack sales and also the revenue is shared between all adpack owners, the program depends on fresh funds which makes this a Ponzi (new members funds are shared between old members).
Some revhshares have also the outside source of income, income which comes from other services and products separate from adpacks. This gives a program longer life as it does not depend only on new members.
As it is a Ponzi, the program will crash if new funds will stop coming in and many people will lose their initial deposit. The risk to lose your money increases over time, earlier you join, lower the risk, later your join, higher the risk.

My 24 Hour Income uniqueness

  1. Great admin – My 24 Hour Income was launched on 20th August 2016 by Drew Burton who is one of the biggest marketers in revshares industry. The program started with 15 000 members which makes this one of the biggest revshare launches and the member amount is constantly growing.
  2. The program has no inside compounding – All the earnings have to be withdrawn and put back into system for compounding which makes the risk for newcomers much lower (fresh funds are constantly coming in)
  3. Referral commission pool – There is 5% commission pool from the members who have no sponsors themselves. The pool is shared between all adpack holders and who have surfed daily ads.

Adpacks and commission


  1. Daily pure profit:
    1. $5 adpack = up to 0,34%
    2. $15 adpack up to 0,5%
    3. $35 adpack up to 0,63%
    4. $70 adpack up to 0,88%
  2. Level requirements:
    1. 2nd and 3rd level = 100 adpacks on previous level
    2. 4th level = 200 adpacks on 3rd level
  3. Commission: 3 levels deep. 8%, 2% and 2%
  4. Fees: No deposit and withdrawal fees. NOTE! If you withdraw, payment processors will still take a fee for a transaction.


Like with every revshare, there is a high risk involved with My24h Income too. What makes the risk worth to try it out is trusted admin, outside compounding and good daily earning percentage (Average daily earnings for example have been 3,3% for last 10 days, which is much better than rest of the industry). You do not need to recruit anyone (which is a problem for most online business seekers) but you can still earn some commission from referral pool.
The program is still very young and the growth potential is very high. If the word Ponzi does not scare you off and you are willing to take a risk, this program is something you might want to try.

NB! I would highly recommend to use bitcoin to deposit because every time you withdraw money and want to use it to compound your earnings you will lose some of your funds because of payment processor fees. Eg. Payza takes 5,9% from $10 withdrawal, which is more than half of your earnings from 1st level packs. First level adpack total earning is 110 % which means with $10 deposit you will get $11 back. Now if you withdraw it, you will pay $0,65 for fees so your profit will be only $0,35 from $10 deposit.

My numbers
Invested amount $20
Withdrawn $19.51
Net Balance -0,49
Current account balance in My 24 Hour Income