Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.”
William Arthur Ward

How ADZbuzz can solve the 22 billion dollar problem and how people can get financial freedom by investing in ADZcoin?

What is this problem about?

  1. Advertisers are paying huge amount of money to get their product or service in front of big audience. Using big portion of their budget for advertisement will increase their expenditures a lot, which in turn will affect the price of the end product.
  2. Web users have to see the ads which they do not like and which can be very distracting and annoying. To get rid of the ads, users are using ad blockers which will block all the ads
  3. Web publishers on the other hand, are losing much of their income earned from ads because of those ad blockers. Web publishers have lost more than 22 billion in 2015 alone due to ad blockers. And the number is increasing constantly.

This process is an endless cycle where everyone will lose. How to solve this problem?

Watch this video to see what else lies behind the curtain with the current situation

The solution


Solution is ADZbuzz with its unique concepts. ADZbuzz is the first system which directly pays web publishers.

How it works?

Web publishers will install little script (ADZlink) to their site which counts the traffic of the site. Web publishers will get paid depending on the amount of users visiting their site daily including ad blocker users. All the advertisement will be moved to one centralized buying and selling platform called ADZbuzz Savers. Part of the revenue ADZbuzz savers + all other income sources will create will be distributed between web publishers.

The ADZbuzz

What is ADZbuzz, the main system behind it all?

ADZbuzz is a new social media platform that offers a wide variety of features that can’t be found anywhere else.

There is also a monetization feature included for both ADZbuzz members and website owners, which in return will help spread the word about ADZbuzz in a viral way.

Here’s an overview of the benefits:

Benefits for ADZbuzz users

  • Make money by creating an ADZbuzz community
  • Discover new high quality content in topics you’re interested in
  • Grow your community and earn a nice passive income

Benefits for Bloggers / Publishers

  • Add an extra income stream to your site
  • Drive more traffic to your site straight from the ADZbuzz homepage using the ADZnouncer
  • Have a community created for your site that grows by itself

ADZbuzz products & services

  • ADZbuzz Savers
  • ADZbuzz Services Market
  • ADZbuzz Products Market
  • ADZbuzz Training Center
  • ADZbuzz Crowdfunding
  • ADZbuzz Freelancer
  • ADZbuzz Website Marketplace
  • ADZbuzz Hosting & Domains
  • ADZbuzz Theme Market
  • ADZbuzz Script Market
  • ADZbuzz Wallet & Vault
  • ADZbuzz Exchange
  • ADZbuzz Exclusive Deals
  • ADZlink
  • ADZbuzz uBlock
  • Bloglivin blog
  • ADZcoin

ADZbuzz Savers

ADZbuzz Savers is a price comparison shopping search engine where consumers can find the best price for the products they want to buy. Advertisers have the chance to advertise directly to consumers, saving them a lot of money in the process.

adzbuzz savers homepage

Business model:

  • All merchants are listed for free
  • They can pay for premium placements
  • Affiliates earn 50% for attracting new merchants

This model is similar to Google’s business model in which they list all search results for free and charge advertisers for related ads on top of the search results. The difference is that ADZbuzz Savers is only listing products and merchants can advertise their products on top of other merchant’s products in the search results.

ADZbuzz Services Market

ADZbuzz Services allows publishers, bloggers and internet marketers to outsource small tasks such as design work, coding, Seo, writing and numerous other things.


Business model:

  • Everybody can list their service for free
  • They are charged $1 for every $5 spent
  • Affiliates earn 50% of the fee for every sale

This is the same business model used by micro-job marketplace Fiverr, but with an attractive affiliate program which will help to grow the platform and earn affiliates commissions whenever their referrals purchase a service.

ADZbuzz products market

Many bloggers earn an extra income by selling products in their own store. To make it easier ADZbuzz will allow them to integrate an ADZbuzz products store on their blog, and help them drive more sales from the ADZbuzz products market directly, a double benefit.

adzbuzz products market

Business model:

  • Everybody can list their products for free
  • They are charged 5% for every sale
  • Additional advertising options are available
  • Affiliates earn 50% of the fee for every sale including ads

This is a similar marketplace as Etsy but without the fee for listing items. All Etsy shop owners will have the opportunity to upload all the products in their store In a matter of minutes and get more sales for their products without worrying about the listing fee. Affiliates will earn every time one of their referrals buys a product in one of the stores or on the ADZbuzz Products Market.

ADZbuzz training center

The ADZbuzz training center will become the ultimate learning center with 1000’s of courses listed on numerous topics. By listing courses instructors will be able to earn extra revenue.

adzbuzz training center

Business model:

  • Instructors can upload courses to the training center
  • Members pay a monthly fee of $19,99 to access all courses
  • Instructors earn based on metrics from our algorithm
  • Affiliates earn 33% of the monthly subscription fee

This is the same business model as which also charges a monthly fee to access all courses rather than having students pay about the same price for one course as on Udemy. Affiliates will earn recurring monthly commissions from all their referrals if they join the training center.

ADZbuzz Crowdfunding

To make the ADZbuzz project grow from within there will be a crowdfunding platform similar to Kickstarter, but only targeted to ADZcoin / ADZbuzz related products. This will both help the project itself and add an extra income source for affiliates.

adzbuzz crowdfunding

Business model:

  • Post an ADZ related project on ADZbuzz Crowdfunding
  • Members can pledge to get rewards
  • ADZbuzz gets 5% of the total pledged amount
  • Affiliates earn 50% of ADZbuzz commissions

Kickstarter has raised billions of dollars in funding for creative projects, so having own platform with ADZbuzz related projects that receive financing will surely benefit the entire ADZbuzz platform. Plus affiliates will earn half of the fees ADZbuzz collects from referral’s pledged money.

ADZbuzz Freelancer

ADZbuzz already has a marketplace for services which can be used to outsource small tasks, but what about a marketplace for bigger projects? On ADZbuzz Freelancers you’ll be able to post projects and get freelancers bidding on it so you can determine who you want to hire.

adzbuzz freelancers

Business model:

  • Everybody can post a project for free
  • Freelancers can bid on any project for free
  • ADZbuzz collects a 5% fee on all awarded projects
  • Affiliates earn 50% of ADZbuzz commissions

The cornerstone of an online business is outsourcing tasks you cannot do yourself to grow. Whether it’s creating a new website, promoting an existing one or developing a new script, this can all be posted on the ADZbuzz Freelancer marketplace and awarded to freelancers for a fee. Affiliates can earn from the projects that get awarded from either the employers or the freelancers they refer.

ADZbuzz Website Marketplace

Buying and selling websites is a big business. Web properties are assets and can be sold for a lot of money when maintained well and generating traffic and revenue. ADZbuzz will create a marketplace where websites can easily be bought and sold.

adzbuzz website marketplace

Business model:

  • Everybody can create a listing for free
  • ADZbuzz earns 10% per sale
  • Additional advertising services are available
  • Affiliates earn 50% of ADZbuzz fees

This is the same business as but without charging site owners to list their site and a lower success fee when the site gets sold. Plus affiliates will get a generous commissions if their referrals either buy or sell a site.

ADZbuzz hosting and domains

ADZbuzz target audience is web publishers and bloggers. In order to attract an audience for the hosting business ADZbuzz will offer a solution that will automatically deduct their ADZlink earnings from their hosting bill if they want to, saving them some money every month.

Business model:

  • Hosting packages
  • Charge a monthly fee
  • Affiliates earn 50% of the monthly fee

Because the profit margin of hosting companies is so high ADZbuzz can offer a ridiculous monthly recurring affiliate commission of 50%. Usually hosting companies pay a one-time fee so this will be pretty unique in the business and ensure ADZbuzz can attract a lot of customers by leveraging the power of affiliate program and business model.

ADZbuzz Theme Market

Starting a website is easy when you can have a pre-built theme installed. WordPress is one software package that offers developers the chance to build amazing themes on top of it and sell it to people who want to build a site. On this marketplace they will be able to do that.

adzbuzz theme marketplace

Business model:

  • Marketplace for themes and templates
  • 10% fee for every sale
  • Affiliates earn 50% of the ADZbuzz fee

This is the same business model as on Themeforest but with a much more rewarding fee structure and affiliate program.

ADZbuzz script market

WordPress plugins, little scripts or even social share buttons. All of these things that make websites more user-friendly or more effective in reaching their potential can be bought in the ADZbuzz script marketplace.

adzbuzz script marketplace

Business model:

  • Marketplace for scripts and plugins
  • 10% fee for every sale
  • Affiliates earn 50% of the ADZbuzz fee

This is the same business model as Codecanyon but again with a much better fee structure and affiliate program for both sellers and affiliates.

ADZbuzz Wallet and Vault

The ADZbuzz affiliate program is paid in ADZcoin straight to member’s ADZcoin wallet. ADZbuzz offers a service to safely store your coins from daily rewards and coins you bought on exchanges without having to worry about other systems.

adzbuzz web wallet

Business model:

  • Offer secure offline storage of ADZcoin
  • Charge a small 0.1% fee for every withdrawal
  • Affiliates earn 50% of the withdrawal fee

ADZbuzz exchange

The ADZbuzz exchange will allow members to easily exchange ADZcoin for Bitcoin or vice versa. Later on it will be expanded to fiat currencies too so there will be no need to even leave ADZbuzz to exchange ADZ for dollars or euros.

adzbuzz exchange

Business model:

  • Offer a buy and sell wall on exchange
  • Offer an auto-exchange feature to easily buy or sell coins
  • A small fee of 0.1% for every trade
  • Affiliates earn 50% of every trading fee of their referrals

Exchanges with high volume make a lot of money that’s for sure. ADZbuzz has the goal of increasing the exchange to a trading volume of millions of dollars every day.

ADZbuzz Exclusive Deals

ADZbuzz is also offering a range of exclusive deals, only found on ADZbuzz and sell them inside the platform. These deals are mainly the products that are helpful for publishers and bloggers.

adzbuzz exclusive deals

Business model:

  • Partner up with product creators
  • Get an exclusive discount / coupon for ADZbuzz members
  • Affiliates earn 10-50% of every sale

At the moment there are already 3 exclusive deals for sale on ADZbuzz namely Profit Canvas, Mail It WordPress plugin and the lifelong traffic offer. More products will be added frequently to offer highly discounted or extremely beneficial products for both buyers and affiliates.

NB! All those previously mentioned products or services are the source for ADZbuzz revenue. All the profit will be split 50/50. 50% will be sent to locked ADZ wallet (read more below) and the rest will be distributed between publishers, ADZbuzz members and ADZbuzz affiliates (affiliate earnings are listed with the products and services)

Products for publishers


ADZlink is a little script or WordPress plugin which will track visitors on sites and pay publishers the same way they earn from regular ads.

The difference is that:

  • They are paid in a currency that will gain value
  • The ADZlink is much more user-friendly than ads who try to grab user’s attention using a lot of annoying tactics
  • They not only get paid but also activate an easy traffic source called the ADZnouncer (more about that later)

The main reason why the ADZlink was created is to give website owners an additional monetization option instead of regular ads. In some countries ad block usage is reaching 40-50% meaning bloggers and publishers are starting to see a real cut in their overall revenue.
Watch video


Activating the ADZlink has a dual benefit for Publishers.

They will not only earn ADZcoins every day, but if the ADZlink is added to their site they also have the option to share their posts on the ADZbuzz homepage using the ADZnouncer. So the ADZlink will not only help publishers recoup the loss from ad blocking software, it will also help them drive more traffic to their site, straight from the ADZbuzz homepage.


An additional bonus feature for publishers is the ADZbuzzer, the social share button of the ADZbuzz social network. This is a button that looks very similar to share buttons of other social networks and will help publisher generate even more traffic. Content shared with the ADZbuzzer will appear in the “Latest & Trending” tab on the ADZbuzz homepage.

Products, services and opportunities for users

ADZbuzz uBlock

Are you surfing the web, are you watching videos in YouTube? Are you using ad blocker to block the ads? If not, you should definitely install ADZbuzz uBlock. Your surfing experience will change 180 degrees, and do the better of course 🙂

There will also be a mobile version of ADZbuzz uBlock that will not only block ads on websites but also in-app ads, for instance in games.

ADZbuzz communities

How users can earn from the revenue distribution.

The benefits are:

  • Users can earn by creating communities
  • Communities are targeted to sites, not topics
  • This ensures website owners will get even more traffic
  • More activity in the community means more earnings
  • A viral system will help ADZbuzz grow and allow us to distribute more revenue to Publishers and Community owners

If you want to get a better idea how it works, just think of ADZbuzz communities as Subreddits on the major content discovery site The main difference is that the people that create those Subreddits (= ADZbuzz Communities) will earn by growing it.

Follow your favorite sites

Every site that uses the ADZlink will be able to share their new content on ADZbuzz the moment it’s posted. If you follow all the sites about the topics that you are interested in, you will always see fresh new content that is just published right on your timeline. This will help you to organize your browsing routine, discover new content instantly and keep you up to date about all the latest news from the sites that you follow.

Discovering new interesting sites

On ADZbuzz you’ll be able to find related websites you might or might not know and follow those as well. This has again a dual benefit, because it will allow you, the user to discover sites you would never find otherwise, and allow bloggers to grow their community and readership.

Engage with like-minded people

If you follow a number of sites related to fitness, then you’ll be able to discuss the content posted on ADZbuzz with others who follow the same sites. The community is what makes a platform like ADZbuzz interesting, and by rewarding people who build the communities, you can rest assured that the quality of the discussions will be high. After all, the more high quality discussions, the more the community owner earns. ADZbuzz algorithm will ensure that this is the case.

ADZbuzz Affiliate system

All who join ADZbuzz via your referral link will be locked as your referral for life. ADZbuzz referrals are tied to your account forever and will allow you to earn ADZcoins every time they purchase or use ADZbuzz products and services. I have covered the percentages above. The earning amount can be enormous if you are willing to put some work in and if you are lucky enough to purchase a VIP spot you will get a passive income for life 🙂

Bloglivin blog

Are you already a blogger or have you had an idea to start one or even haven’t ever thought about it before? Bloglivin is a must read for all the beginning bloggers and those who are struggling to monetize their blog. It is the ultimate case study on how to build a blog from scratch and how ta make 7 figures in one year. I have seen many blogging helps but never have I seen so detailed tutorials. Jens, the creator of this blog, is showing exactly step by step process what he does to make his blog earn 7 figure in one year.  The tutorials are very easy to follow and I bet if you follow those steps your first earnings with your blog will not wait long 🙂

The tutorial covers all the following topics

  • How To Start A Blog
  • Getting a domain name
  • Getting a hosting account
  • Set Up WP on my server
  • Get A WP Theme
  • Seo Checklist For New Sites
  • Adding Your Site In The Google Search Console
  • Installing Plugins To Optimize Your Blog For Seo
  • Determine The Blog Monetization Strategy
  • How To Come Up With Product Ideas
  • Set Up An Automated Income Stream
  • Creating A Content Strategy
  • Create A Promotional Strategy

Interested? Get started here.

Here is a post which totally blew my mind how much people are earning with blogging. I believe it is the longest post in Blogilivin as it covers over 250 blog income reports and if you haven’t had a thought to blog yourself, this post can easily change your mind 🙂

ADZcoin – The core of ADZbuzz network

(the best part of this page 🙂 )

ADZcoin is ADZbuzz’s own cryptocurrency. (Read here if you don’t know what cryptocurrency is). Bitcoin and all other main cryptocurrencies do not have anything external which can give them a value. Only people are giving those coins a value by buying and selling with certain price. ADZcoin in other hand will have its own infrastructure which gives it the value and it will have a constant demand because of the revenue distribution system. Plus ADZcoin is currently the only crypto currency which has a decreasing supply. All this makes ADZcoin a very valuable asset for investors.

The value of ADZcoin

ADZbuzz has a very unique and superb way to skyrocket the price of ADZcoin.

  1. All the rewards (payments to web publishers and ADZbuzz members) will be paid out in ADZcoins. That means all the proft ADZbuzz makes in another currency will be used to buy ADZcoins straight from the market. For example: If somebody is purchasing a product in ADZbuzz and is  paying in USD, ADZbuzz will use it to purchase ADZcoins from the market and use them to pay out the rewards. This idea already has enough power to increase the value of ADZcoin forever. Every day ADZbuzz project is buying ADZcoins from the market which gives it a constant demand.
  2. With constant membership growth (ADZbuzz users, extension users, ADZlink users) the demand for ADZcoin will be higher and higher.
  3. Indirect donation: This requires a whole new section:)

Indirect donation (50/50 concept). The road to wealth and riches 😀

50% of the total revenue ADZbuzz project makes will be sent to a “locked wallet” to which no one has access to. Those coins are gone forever. The rest 50% will be spread between publishers and ADZbuzz members.
As we know all the rewards will be paid out in ADZcoin which means ADZbuzz Project buys ADZcoins straight from the market every time the revenue is made in some other currency.  So every day all the profit which ADZbuzz makes will be changed into ADZcoin and will be split, half of it will be distributed between parties and half will be sent to a locked wallet (no one will ever see them again).

What is the point of “throwing away” coins and what affect it has?

  1. The total amount which is sent to locked wallet shows how much has been paid out as a reward (50/50 ratio).
  2. The decreasing amount of coins available will increase the value of ADZcoin.
  3. Publishers are thinking twice before selling their coins because it will increase the value of other coins in existence. Holding on to the coins will again decrease the amount of coins on the market which of course will increase the value of ADZcoin 🙂

If this is over your head and you cannot understand how throwing away coins can help ADZcoin grow. In that case, let me explain it with a little story. Let assume that there is a civilization which lives in a city and it has no connection to outside world. There are total of 10 000 citizens. One day they found a big portion of gold and they have chopped it to 1 million pieces with exact same weight so everyone could have 100 pieces. They started to use those gold pieces as an alternative to their current currency and they valued it with the ratio of 1 to 100 which makes the total value of pieces 100 000 000 in their own currency.
Somebody who has a lot of power has started to collect the pieces and will never sell them again (locked wallet). Over time there will be less and less gold pieces available. And lets not forget that people are also losing small things always 😉  After some time there are only 100 000 pieces available which makes 10 pieces per person. If the total value of all the pieces would be the same, the price would be 1000 per 1.
The population of this civilization is also growing (new members joining ADZbuzz) and there are already 100 000 citizens (1 piece per citizen). The total value of all the gold pieces is still 100 million which means the price per piece is already 10 000 in local currency.

With mentioned ideas, the value of ADZcoin will grow endlessly and there will be no limit how high the price can go. The increasing membership amount is increasing the revenue which in turn is decreasing the amount of total coins available (50/50 concept) The only question now remains: How ADZbuzz will go viral?

The system is built the way that it will grow itself. It has a “snowball effect” written all over it and the ball needs just the first push.

  1. Web publishers
  • Web publishers want to install the ADZlink to their site because it is free and it can give an extra income. Plus the income does not decrease with ad blockers.
  • Little link (small picture on their site) with short introduction video will bring traffic to ADZbuzz & ADZbuzz products.
  • More traffic to those products will bring more revenue to the project which it return gives higher payments to publishers. This makes web publishers to work even harder to get ADZlink in front of more people. And let’s not forget very attractive affiliate system which has enough power on its own to expand the ADZbuzz like wildfire
  • Web publishers can get so many nice products and service from one place and with a better deal too.
  • Bloglivin blog has so much value for every blogger, it is very hard to underestimate the help they are getting if they follow that blog. And if they follow it, they will see all the benefits ADZbuzz is giving them.

2. Users

  • Affiliate system which can give a huge financial boost to internet marketers and even to regular people who are willing to introduce this wonderful opportunity to their friends and colleges
  • Users can use and purchase ADZbuzz network services and products. Plus it is more likely they purchase from ADZbuzz if they know they can build ad free web with their purchases.
  1. It is not even possible that ADZbuzz will not succeed 🙂 If the snowball gets just the slight push, the system will do the rest. The higher the membership goes (web publishers and users) higher the revenue will be. Bigger the revenue, more coins will be sent to locked wallet. More locked coins, less total coins available. And decreasing supply will increase the price of the rest available coins which in other hand attracts even more users and investors. The cycle is endless and there is no limit how high the price can go. I hope you can see how powerful this system is 😀


  1. NB! There is no better time to invest in ADZcoin. At the moment you can purchase ADZcoin for mere pennies. But do you think the price will still be there when all of it get rolling? No way! The price will start to increase in value very fast. It can go to dollars very, very fast.
    So there is no better time to invest in ADZcoin. You can multiple your investment by hundreds of times easily.
    For example: Using $100 to purchase ADZcoins with the price of 2 cents per coin will give you 5000 ADZ. If the price will go to 1$ per coin (which can be very soon after the grand launch), your ADZ are already worth $5000 (You have multiplied your investment 50 times). $10 per coin makes your ADZ worth $50 000 already (investment multiplied 500 times). The rest I will leave to your imagination 🙂 Watch a video on how to purchase ADZ in Livecoin. PS Here is a little deeper explanation

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.”
William Arthur Ward


ADZbuzz will make history by changing the way we do our daily surfing and buying. ADZbuzz will finally end the grudge between users and web publishers by introducing its unique concept where web publishers are paid form the revenue which is created from one centralized buying and selling platform.

ADZbuzz will give the solution where (almost) everyone will win.

  • Advertisers – Advertisers can advertise where it really matters, where people are looking to buy something.
  • Publishers – a) Publishers will get paid straight from ADZbuzz by installing ADZlink to their site. b) Publishers can get more traffic via ADZnouncer & ADZbuzzer. c) They have the opportunity to get a lifetime referral commission from those who join ADZbuzz through their site.
  • Users – a) Users will have the most user friendly social media network site, where they have the option to have a say in the development of the system. b) The ADZbuzz communities are rewarding users every week with ADZcoins c) ADZbuzz’s affiliate system makes it very attractive to spread wonderful news about this opportunity which increases the income even more d) The constant demand for ADZcoin will make it very valuable asset for investors. All who invest now have a big change to get to financial freedom.

All this makes ADZbuzz and ADZcoin “once in a lifetime” opportunity and I´m taking full advantage of it 🙂

NB! Never invest more than you can afford to lose!

My numbers

Total deposit (including given bonuses) $1190
Withdrawn $0
Net Balance -$1190
Current account balance in ADZbuzz