Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.”
William Arthur Ward

How ADZbuzz can solve the 22 billion dollar problem and how people can get financial freedom by investing in ADZcoin?

What is this problem about?

  1. Advertisers are paying huge amount of money to get their product or service in front of big audience. Using big portion of their budget for advertisement will increase their expenditures a lot, which in turn will affect the price of the end product.
  2. Web users have to see the ads which they do not like and which can be very distracting and annoying. To get rid of the ads, users are using ad blockers which will block all the ads
  3. Web publishers on the other hand, are losing much of their income earned from ads because of those ad blockers. Web publishers have lost more than 22 billion in 2015 alone due to ad blockers. And the number is increasing constantly.

This process is an endless cycle where everyone will lose. How to solve this problem?

The solution

Solution is ADZbuzz uBlock, the first ad blocker which pays web publishers if people are using ad blocker to surf their site 🙂

How it works?

Users, who surf the web will install free ad blocker called ADZbuzz uBlock. Web publishers will install little script (ADZlink) to their site which counts the users who are using ADZbuzz uBlock. Web publishers will get paid depending on the amount of ADZbuzz uBlock users visiting their site. All the advertisement will be moved to one centralized buying and selling platform called ADZbuzz Savers. 70% (number is not final yet) of the revenue ADZbuzz savers will make will be spread between web publishers.

Read the whitepaper for deeper explanation

The ADZbuzz

What is ADZbuzz, the main system behind it all?

  • ADZbuzz is a social media network similar to many others.  We can compare it to Reddit the most I guess.
  • ADZbuzz is the place where you can get on track with the latest news, where you can find latest information on the specific topics and where you can communicate with other members who are having the same interests.
  • ADZbuzz is the place where you can support your favorite sites by sharing their content in ADZbuzz or donating ADZ to them.
  • ADZbuzz is the place where you can hang out with your friends and where you can find many new friends.
  • The end product will be the most user friendly social media network out there because users themselves are building the ADZbuzz. Everyone can give their opinion in ADZbuzz Lounge (at least for now) where developers will see which idea is good enough to implement into the system.

ADZbuzz products

  • ADZcoin
  • ADZbuzz Savers
  • ADZbuzz uBlock
  • ADZlink
  • ADZnouncer
  • ADZbuzzer
  • ADZbuzz Exchange
  • ADZbuzz Market
  • ADZ Wallet
  • Free Training + website hosting, email autoresponder and landing pages


ADZcoin is ADZbuzz’s own cryptocurrency. (Read here if you don’t know what cryptocurrency is). Bitcoin and all other main cryptocurrencies do not have anything external which can give them a value. Only people are giving those coins a value by buying and selling with certain price. ADZcoin in other hand will have its own infrastructure which gives it the value and it will have a constant demand because of the uBlock (will be explained below). This makes ADZcoin very valuable asset for investors.

ADZbuzz Savers

One centralized place for buying and selling. The ADZbuzz Savers is a shopping portal which makes its revenue on a pay per click basis (Every time someone clicks on a product link, ADZbuzz Savers will make money and this is exactly like Google is making money) and where advertisers can upload their entire product feed and solely promote to consumers/buyers. 90% of the earnings from this shopping search engine will be used to rewards publishers and ADZbuzz UBlock affiliates. Consumers will visit this place to compare products and save money before they make a purchasing decision.

ADZbuzz uBlock

Are you surfing the web, are you watching videos in YouTube? Are you using ad blocker to block the ads?

  • NO – You should definitely install ADZbuzz uBlock. Your surfing experience will change 180 degrees, and do the better of course 🙂 Watch the short video
  • YES – You still should install ADZbuzz uBlock. Why? Web publisher do not like when you use ad blocker when surfing on their site, some of them will limit the content you see, some will block you and some will even ask a small fee to get ads free experience on their site. ADZbuzz uBlock will change all that.

ADZbuzz uBlock is a unique ad blocker that will directly pay publishers from ADZbuzz Savers and several other income. There will also be a mobile version of ADZbuzz uBlock that will not only block ads on websites but also in-app ads, for instance in games. A 100% unique feature that is bound to create shockwaves in the advertising industry!

Read my blog post about ADZbuzz uBlock


ADZlink is a little script or WordPress plugin which will track visitors on sites and pay publishers the same way they earn from regular ads. When the script is installed, 1 link will be added to their site which redirects to a little video explaining the concept to visitors. So this link will serve more as a branding tool to ensure everybody understands the concept of the ad-supported web 2.0 in less than 1 minute.


ADZnouncer will allow publishers to directly publish their content on the ADZbuzz homepage helping them drive more traffic to their site. This can only be done if they have the ADZlink installed on their site. So the ADZlink will not only help publishers recoup the loss from ad blocking software, it will also help them drive more traffic to their site, straight from the ADZbuzz homepage.


An additional bonus feature for publishers is the ADZbuzzer, the social share button of the ADZbuzz social network. This is a button that looks very similar to share buttons of other social networks and will help publisher generate even more traffic. Content shared with the ADZbuzzer will appear in the “Latest & Trending” tab on the ADZbuzz homepage.

ADZbuzz Exchange

ADZbuzz’s own in-house exchange where you can easily buy and sell ADZ for Bitcoin. This will allow all ADZbuzz members to trade ADZ without even leaving ADZbuzz. In the future all main currencies will be added to the exchange.

ADZbuzz Market

The ADZbuzz Market is a place where online marketers and web publishers can order services, also referred to as “micro-jobs” using their ADZcoins. The platform looks similar to Fiverr but will only accept ADZ as method of payment, creating the start of ADZbuzz’s own in-house economy and offer a place for publishers to spend their ADZ to grow their business even more

ADZ Wallet

Security is the most important aspect of the web wallet, and the only fully secure system is storing coins in offline wallets. The crypto-world is filled with scammers and thieves and we simply need to make it impossible for them to steal any coins, hence ADZbuzz will create a new system that allow members to directly withdraw coins from ADZbuzz’s offline location, not online.

Free Training + website hosting, email autoresponder and landing pages

Are you a rookie or already an expert in online business? Every “real” networker needs a website/blog to take his/her business to the next level. ADZbuzz is here to help you. ADZbuzz will offer you a free training course which includes topics like

  • The foundation of blogging
  • Content Creation
  • Getting Traffic
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Making More Money With Funnel

Read more here.

ADZbuzz uBlock Affiliate system

All who join ADZbuzz via your referral link will be locked as your referral for life. Every day your referral visits ADZbuzz with ADZbuzz uBlock enabled, you will get commission straight to your web wallet. 20% (number is not final yet) of the ADZbuzz earnings will be shared between all members depending on how many referrals visited ADZbuzz that day.  More referrals you have, higher percentage you get from that 20% commission pool.

The value of ADZcoin

This is the best part of this page 🙂 What gives ADZcoin a value and is it a good investment?

I have introduced you the ADZbuzz uBlock concept that pays 90% of the revenue from ADZbuzz Savers (which gets its earnings with pay per click system) to web publishers and ADZbuzz uBlock affiliates.
ADZbuzz is getting the earnings from ADZbuzz Savers in bitcoin, USD, EUR and in other main currencies, but all the rewards to web publishers and uBlock affiliates will be paid in ADZ. Every day ADZbuzz will use 90% of the revenue got from ADZbuzz savers to buy ADZcoin from the market. This way there will always be a constant demand for ADZcoin. And bigger the ADZbuzz and all its infrastructure grows, more money will be used to purchase ADZcoin from the market.

At the moment you can purchase ADZcoin for mere pennies. But do you think the price will still be there when all of it will launch? No way! The price will start to increase in value very fast. It can go to dollars very, very fast. So there is no better time to invest in ADZcoin if you are looking for a way to increase your portfolio by thousands of times 🙂
Watch my video on how to purchase ADZ in Livecoin. PS Here is a little deeper explanation

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.”
William Arthur Ward

ADZbuzz roadmap and the official launch date

We have finally the official launch date 🙂 The deadline when everything will be set up and the system will have its official launch, is 28th of February. The date is not carved into stone, the features that will be added can be finished earlier, the date only shows when everything will be ready to launch.

Read the roadmap and keep an eye on the updates.


ADZbuzz will make history by changing the way we do our daily surfing and buying. ADZbuzz will finally end the grudge between users and web publishers by introducing its unique concept where web publishers are paid form the revenue which is created from one centralized buying and selling platform.

ADZbuzz will give the solution where (almost) everyone will win.

  • Advertisers – Advertisers can advertise where it really matters, where people are looking to buy something.
  • Publishers – a) Publishers will get paid straight from ADZbuzz if users are using ADZbuzz uBlock when surfing their site. b) Publishers can get more traffic via ADZnouncer & ADZbuzzer. c) They have the opportunity to get a lifetime referral commission from those who join ADZbuzz through their site.
  • Users – a) Users will have the most user friendly social media network site, where they have the option to have a say in the development of the system. b) Users can choose which ads they want to see c) The constant demand for ADZcoin because of the rewarding system will make ADZcoin very valuable asset for investors. All who invest now have a big change to get to financial freedom.

All this makes ADZbuzz and ADZcoin “once in a lifetime” opportunity and I´m taking full advantage of it 🙂

My numbers

Total deposit (including given bonuses) $1160
Withdrawn $0
Net Balance -$1160
Current account balance in ADZbuzz