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Here you can find my writings and videos of my life experiences and thoughts which can be helpful in your daily life.
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Had interesting piffany during yesterday’s meditation 🙂 Enlightenment is like a Supernova 🙂 Star is facing heavy gravity and to resist the collapse it burns its fuel to counter balance gravity. Once the fuel has run out there is no resistance to the gravity and star faces the inevitability – […]

Enlightenment is like a Supernova   Recently updated !

No excuses, I lost! Or maybe some 🙂 We had a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition yesterday in Estonia. It was National Championship in Gi. I fell out in the first round by submission (triangle choke). It wouldn’t be something special or something worth writing but I lost to a “white belt” […]

No excuses, I lost!

Escaping life
Escape artist. Who is it? Maybe you are one of them. Who knows 😉 The escape artist is not somebody who has very good skill running away from cops or who knows exactly when to take off when things turn bad to be completely innocent afterwards or who knows the […]

Escape Artist

Yet again my Ego (mind) has played tricks on me 🙂 Couple of days ago during my morning meditation, I suddenly realized: I have been running away from life. What a shame 😉 To tell people: „Come out from your head and live in the moment. Do not attach to […]

The Art of Surrendering