My Road

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” ― Anthony Robbins

Here you can see my road to financial freedom :)

All roads are full of ups and downs and no road is just straight line. Every journey has obstacles and challenges on the way and there are lots of distractions which makes us lose our sight from our ultimate goal.
Same is with the journey to financial freedom. Every day we are challenged, every day we are distracted and so many times there is a feeling “I will quit, I cannot do it”. But despite those setbacks and failures, we cannot give up. We have to get back to our feet every time we have been stricken down. This what makes the difference between losers and winners. We have to face all the challenges. We have to be brave, we have to be strong, we have to be smart and we have to keep our focus on the price. Only this way we will finally break through. We will only fail when we quit :)

Time flies so fast. It seems like I started the journey with Sportarb just couple of days ago but it’s been already 3 weeks 🙂 The journey has been very enjoyable. I haven’t had any issues with my funds, with my account and all the payments have been paid out […]

3 weeks with Sportarb   Recently updated !

After almost a year long journey with My Ad Story (MAS) I have finally decided to accept it as a loss. I started my journey in April 2016 and my deposit was $174. I have managed to withdraw $37 from it. My Ad Story is still running and I´m earning […]

Accepted a loss + my journey in Sportarb   Recently updated !

    Found another very interesting company. The company is dealing with arbitrage betting. Shortly, arbitrage betting is when two different bookmakers are giving different odds to the same event. By betting on opposite outcomes on two different bookmakers, investors are making small profit no matter of the outcome. It […]

My newest adventure   Recently updated !

The year has been a hell of ride with its good and bad times 😉 I have tried to earn income online from 2008/2009 already but haven’t been successful and first time in my life I gave a new year’s vow which was “I will do everything in my power […]

Lookback to 2016

Had 295kg plastic granules in Recyclix but instead of going to next cycle and compounding my earnings, I thought it would be wiser to sell them this time. Why? My account in Recyclix is very small (started with 20€ (free) + 20€ (my own)) and it will take many years […]

Transferring my funds a little :)

How it all started? At one point, I got sick and tired of struggling about money and living from payday to payday. So I started to seek an alternate income. As I had quite a lot free time. I started to dig into interned depths. I saw so many people […]

The Beginning

Written on 31.aug. 2016 Like everyone else, I would love to have beautiful house, nice car, support my family and travel where I want. But this is not my real why. This will not make me happy, truly happy. My goal is having enough passive income so I don’t have […]

My real “Why”