My Journey

This is a journey which has no end. Journey where the road is more important than the destination itself. Journey which dissolves all the suffering and emotional pain. Journey which gives the ultimate happiness and joy. Journey which sets me free from the prison of my mind.
Journey to Spiritual Freedom

Here I´m sharing my own growth and progress in this endless road.

Written July 15th 2016 I have been feeling down for last couple of days because of all those things that has happened (Many great programs have stopped working). But today, when I was walking on the street something hit me. Sun was shining, small breeze was gently blowing through my […]

Everything has a purpose

Written on 12.Oct.2016 THIS IS A MUST WATCH FOR EVERY HUMAN BEING OUT THERE. AND I MEAN IT! 🙂 PS I will also share my little experience which I had couple of days ago by “listening” to the same “video” ——————– Everything you dislike or hate in your life is […]

How to be happy and enjoy life