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Written July 15th 2016 I have been feeling down for last couple of days because of all those things that has happened (Many great programs have stopped working). But today, when I was walking on the street something hit me. Sun was shining, small breeze was gently blowing through my […]

Everything has a purpose

Written 13 March 2016 If you are facing emotional choices, always choose the hardest one and you will become the best human being possible. Example one: If somebody hurts your feelings, its  very easy to get mad and start to yell on each other but this way your are not […]

How to have an extraordinary life   Recently updated !

Written 29 July 2016 You really need to fall to the bottom to truly value the things and to realize that you cannot take anything for granted. I´m finally starting to value and appreciate the struggles I´m in (at least I think I do). They make me work and come […]

Love the struggle   Recently updated !