ADZ Giveaway

I haven’t updated how my ADZ Giveaway is doing. Yes, I´m not currently doing those weekly giveaways where I share my earnings with everyone, but I still reward my referrals for helping me achieve my dreams. So here is the latest list: Taavi Valgma 25 ADZ (Welcome Bonus) Edwin Lopez […]

ADZ Giveaway part: “something” :)

I believe this is the best offer anyone shares with their referrals 🙂 Continue reading and you’ll see why. If you join as my referral you will have the following benefits. First: You will have the best experience with ADZbuzz I know the ADZbuzz platform from inside out so I […]

The Best Offer For New Members

Another Giveaway is done. 143 ADZ found a new home 🙂 Congrats to all winners and thanks for participating. Just mentioning 😉 I have given away 628 ADZ in total already 🙂 Join ADZbuzz Join ADZbuzz community (you support my doings with that and please make sure you use this […]

ADZ Giveaway – Part 4 (Live video)

Another ADZ Giveaway is coming 🙂 Grab the chance to get some free ADZ. Winning pool for this week will be at least 125 ADZ. There will be some little changes in this weeks giveaway, watch the video and find out. NB! Those who have won in previous giveaways, you have […]

ADZ Giveaway – Part 4 in the process

I forgot to hit the REC button in OBS (screen recording software) so there will not be a good quality video for the live session. Sorry about that 🙁 TOTAL GIVEAWAY POOL 167 ADZ As the video is poor quality I will announce the winners here. Sharing my community posts […]

ADZ Giveaway part 3 done :)