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New year with a new gear 🙂

It’s time for another challenge. The idea to have this challenge came already 3…4 months ago when I had a mental breakdown. I started to procrastinate and couldn’t get anything done. You can what happened and how I got out of it here.

Although I´m getting much more done nowadays, I still know I can do better than that. Why? I had the same challenge 1,5 years ago and I was so productive and happy. Productive because I had no time to procrastinate and happy because I forced myself away from the computer and work, to read, to go for a walk or do something else which was focused on my inner being. This challenge also made me work out and have an overall healthy lifestyle. I gained a lot from that time. I know if I want to get the best out of me this challenge is the way to go. So it is time to shake off the dust and open that challenge again 🙂

The Challenge.
I’m creating a precise schedule for every single day. All my wake up time. working time, eating time, resting time, everything is in that schedule and I´m starting to follow it daily.

I´m going to reward points for every successful task and at the end of the day I’m counting all the points and will see how much from 100% I got done. Don’t remember exactly how many 100% days I had back then but not many, maybe just couple. So I try to do it better this time 🙂

To leave some room for leisure time I’m not filling weekends this time. In my old challenge I had the schedule for 7 days a week. This time I´m going little bit more easy, “just” 5 days a week 🙂

Starting date: 2nd of January 2018
Duration: No specific time frame. First will do it for two months and then will see will I continue or not

Check weekly feedback here

Do give you a better overview how the schedule looks like, here is an example for you:

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5 thoughts on “Challenge: Getting ”shit” done!

    • Armin Post author

      I was also going with a flow but I cannot get things done which i want to. The biggest problem is to get off from PC and do something else 🙂

  • Viktor

    Let’s analyze the situation applying
    According to Eric Berne – you might suffer from self-vampire “you must”. While you don’t have to. To anybody. Including yourself.
    First you procrastinate, you Inner Child wants(?) quarrel with your Inner Parent. Latter punish first – bypassing Adult – by challenges etc. For inner harmony your Adult must negotiate in-between to protect I.Child(desires, pleasure) and to limit I.Parent (routines, advocacy). In case of weak Adult – you losing energy for inner excruciation and get depressed. There are exercises – mainly every-evening self-analysis – to make your Adult stronger. You should understand who (Parent, Adult, Child) made decisions across a day. Psychologists suggest to allot your time to your P/A/C as 12,5/75/12,5–transactional-analysis-therapy-schema-therapy.jpg
    Just take your time, do interesting (to your I.Child) and reasonable (I.Adult) stuff with love but not tyranny from I.Parent.
    BTW, some mental practices could process it simpler – e.g. be, hear and love yourself)

      • Viktor

        It might be much easier at first – to see three personalities mentioned (P/A/C) – considering other people. Their interaction.
        Eric’s Berne “games people play” could be hard to understand since examples described are 60 year old.
        Check out contemporary stuff – like what US police is taught under “verbal judo” or “psychological jujitsu”.
        It could be called “psychological aikido” as well –