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Prrrr, cold, cold, cold! If you have been following my blog you know that I´m sharing the challenges I´m doing in my daily life. And currently I´m in the middle of Wim How cold challenge. I´m at my 4th week in that challenge. The usual routine is completely OK but […]

Prrrr, cold, cold, cold!

Do you want that ADZbuzz gets more members? Do you want to get new referrals? Do you want to earn free ADZ? All this is possible with new ADZ Giveaway structure 🙂 Here’s how it will work. Share ADZbuzz community posts in other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.) […]

ADZ Giveaway new structure

One Englishman started to seek the Truth. He sold all his fortune and traveled to Asia to find the most famous Sufi teacher of the century who could help him to find the Truth. Traveled for 8 years he finally met one dervish and asked him, could he show where […]

Story – “Searching for the teacher”

No excuses, I lost! Or maybe some 🙂 We had a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition yesterday in Estonia. It was National Championship in Gi. I fell out in the first round by submission (triangle choke). It wouldn’t be something special or something worth writing but I lost to a “white belt” […]

No excuses, I lost!

A priest arrived to unfamiliar down. He was invited to give a sermon in a local church. On that day though, public transport was on strike and he didn’t know the way to the church. He decided to ask directions from a boy who was playing on the street. Boy […]

Story “A guide”

Live broadcast done! 230 ADZ was given away this week. Despite the voting I did to find out the best time for live broadcast, we still had so few participants in live event. Which of course was better for those who joined as I rewarded live viewers with 70 ADZ. […]

ADZ Giveaway week 2 Live session

A merchant met a hermit holy man on his road. Merchant started show off that because of his riches he doesn’t have to consider no one’s wishes and tastes and he is free to do whatever he wants. “Is it so!” wondered hermit. “When you searched a place to stay […]

Story – Free choice