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Comparison between the giant Facebook and underdog ADZbuzz. Which is better? Which is better if you are a regular user and which is better for business? Watch the video and see who walks out from the ring as a winner 🙂

ADZbuzz vs Facebook

Yet again my Ego (mind) has played tricks on me 🙂 Couple of days ago during my morning meditation, I suddenly realized: I have been running away from life. What a shame 😉 To tell people: „Come out from your head and live in the moment. Do not attach to […]

The Art of Surrendering

Video tutorial on how to add ADZlink and ADZbuzzer to the site. You can go straight to the part which interests you by clicking on the time How to add ADZlink using WordPress plugin   1:47 How to add ADZlink by adding script to the code    4:26 How to add […]

How to add ADZlink to your site

It was just 6 days ago when I achieved 2nd  level in Sportarb. Now because the Bitcoin price has went up quite a bit, I have already managed to enter the third (Basic) level 😀 2 Days ago I knew my 2nd investment of 0.1 BTC will expire today and I […]

3rd level in Sportarb :)